Nelson tai nelson tai zbspherechallenge 001a

Hermit crab living inside the ZSphere!

Nelson tai 7

The dense areas show the use of Sculptris mode (image from Pixologic's website)

Nelson tai nelson tai zbspherechallenge 001b

screenshot from ZB

And this wraps up the experiments I did during the ZB2018 Beta!
Thank you to all at Pixologic for having me on the ZBrush 2018 Beta Team! Really proud to be among this team of talented artists!

This was a challenge inspired by one of the sculpts Pablo Munoz Gomez did during the beta. Basically to sculpt an animal starting with the sphere and taking advantage of the new Sculptris mode to do it. There are many amazing sculpts done for this challenge by the Beta team artists! Check em out here:

be sure to check out Pablo's stuff too. His ZB works are amazing: