ZBrush Masters - Season 2

General / 15 June 2020

Will be streaming for Pixologic's ZBrush Masters series tomorrow - 8am PDT / 11pm HKT (june 16)!

My first time doing any sort of streaming, so join in tomorrow for some fun in ZB :)



General / 29 April 2020

A little late, but here's a fun 'animated' version of my motoReaper having a nice day with the Facehugger.... 

RoboGP 2023 - updated 1.1!

General / 22 March 2020

Some updates to my recent RoboGP 2023 project!

Spent some time to refine the model (mainly to fix issues and practice further in Blender)!

Also wanted to improve on the main video animation to practice editing and creating videos. Added some shots into it and also better timing with music (official theme of f1 by Brian Tyler).

Here's Lewy:


Happy Holidayzzzzz! 2019

General / 25 December 2019

Happy Holidays to all! Thank you for a great year! Always super inspiring to be here on ArtStation!

Here's Santa... he's feeling a bit badass this year :)

Death Stranding | Pizza Delivery Co-op owo

General / 15 September 2019

Pee and deliver pizzas around UCA with Sam Bridges or DelivoBoy! lol




motoREAPER @ Artstation office

General / 06 August 2019

Congrats to Artstation on their new office over at Kazan!! Thank you Ruslan and team there for having motoREAPER printed big n badass on one of the walls! So damn cool!

Also recently received my Artstation print of my motoREAPER. Awesome quality! my cat approves :)

KeyShot Artist Feature!

General / 21 June 2019

Thank you to Josh and team over at KeyShot for having me in their latest Artist Feature! Keyshot has been one of my core tools since I started this career, so it def means a lot to me to have this opportunity. KeyShot plays a major role in making my work look believable and presentable! Go visit Keyshot's website for the interview and a small showcase of my work. Grateful to the community for the support and inspiration.

Link to interview:


Niki Lauda

General / 26 May 2019

Tribute to F1 Legend - Niki Lauda. His incredible life and story will forever inspire us all.

Lauda's Ferrari 312T livery on the OD-1 prototype races across the finish line. Thank you Niki.

Alien Day!

General / 28 April 2019

Sorry motoReaper.. you are no match for the facehugger.

To one of the greatest sci fi movies around... Happy Alien Day! LV426

#alienday #alien #LV426 #facehugger #motoreaper #hrgiger #ridleyscott

Interview with CG Lounge

General / 09 April 2019

Very kind for CG Lounge to have me for a lil interview! Check it out at cg-lounge.com, or more importantly, see a pic of my cat chilling beside my comp :)