General / 20 November 2021

It is no secret that Rossi has always been a huge inspiration to me. His spirit and passion has fuelled my work since the start. From the space monkey racer many years ago to more recent robots and mechs, an obvious dose of Rossi is always in the design.

It’ll be sad that today will be the last dance of his incredible motoGP career, but im sure its not the end of his racing. Thanks for the years of inspiration. Forever the Goat. Forever VR46 🏁🐐🛵🟡🏆4️⃣6️⃣


General / 16 October 2021

Spinning Things :: 002

General / 19 March 2021

Here's 2 more older works spinning around!

:: exoparasite ::

A character design I did after spending a lot of time on my passion project - motoreaper. Motoreaper took a loooot of time, so this exoparasite was a good thing to keep things loose and quick for a change.


As much hardsurface designs that I do, I also love doing organic ones! Deep sea creatures and insects are big part of my inspiration and this design obviously draws from it. 

Spinning Things

General / 05 March 2021

Started rendering fancy new turntables of older works recently.. 

Nice to revisit old works and make use of the power of GPU to get these turntables out in a pretty reasonable time. I didn't do these back when I designed these works since it took way too long to render out with CPU.

Will try to do 1 every week till I either run out of oldies to revisit / finally have somethinew new to share haha :)

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Tungsten Dagger |

NZR800 |


RGL Showdown Guitar

General / 07 January 2021

Check out Red Layer Guitars latest custom guitar build! I got opportunity to design the samurai showdown inlay for this last year. Really cool to see this all come to life now! Incredible quality and craftsmanship by Jort of RLG!

Follow Red Layer Guitars for more sexy guitar builds!

-Mappa burl body (with padouk core)
-Eucalyptus burl layer
-Buckeye burl top (+resin epoxy) top
-28"-26.5" Bloodwood/ebony fretboard
-24 Stainless frets
-Fretboard radius 20"
-Padouk/maple neck
-Custom C-shape
-Luminlay (side)dots
-Hipshot locking tuners
-Hipshot 21° hardtail bridge
-Custom Lundgren M7 pickup
-1 volume
-Satin finish

Happy Holidays 2020!

General / 25 December 2020

Thanks all for the support through this crazy year. Looking forward to 2021!

Here's an early wip look of Seb (type 2) in festive colors :)



General / 20 December 2020

Will miss seeing Seb Vettel in red. One of my fav drivers on the gird.

An update with previous personal project of these F1 runner bots in the iconic Ferrari red & livery. Hope to spend more time on this to develop this project further in the future :)

ZBrush 2021 Beta

General / 15 August 2020

Few images done during ZB 2021 Beta test! The new dynamics and cloth brushes are super cool to use. Really nice to get folds and random details with the cloth brushes! New features in the zmodeler brush also helps with creating shapes faster! Still much more to explore :)
Thanks Pixologic team for the opportunity and always supporting my work!
For really good uses of the new features, check out Michael Pavlovich's work. His tests during beta was truly impressive!



ZBrush Masters - Season 2

General / 15 June 2020

Will be streaming for Pixologic's ZBrush Masters series tomorrow - 8am PDT / 11pm HKT (june 16)!

My first time doing any sort of streaming, so join in tomorrow for some fun in ZB :) 


General / 29 April 2020

A little late, but here's a fun 'animated' version of my motoReaper having a nice day with the Facehugger....