Warriors of Future 明日戰記 Props Exhibition

General / 22 November 2022

Went to see the Warriors of Future 明日戰記 exhibition with my family. Was nice to see these props again after many years.
After designing these, my concepts n 3d files were sent to the Art Dept up in China for fabrication. I made many trips back n forth to see the fabrication process and to qc these. Was a fun experience and much respect to all the artists there for such great work. I kno it wasn't easy to work out the mechanics for some of these designs 😅😅😅

(1-2) Genetics Bullet Carrier. Originally designed to be some sort of EMP device but later redesigned as the carrier for the genetic chemical vials

(3) H8 explosive device. Shoots out 8 explosive charges around to open up the ground.

(4) Military Protective Mask. Used with the light armor suit.

(5) K5 Frag Grenade. I think this was the first thing I ever designed for the film

(6) B16 Light Armor suit. Protective gear characters use before going to the exosuit

(7) Exosuit. Original design by the legend - Mike Nash. I got the rare opportunity to continue the development of it to the final version on screen.